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Save time, money and speed up your processes with remote inductions,
construction site access, site reporting and more.

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Too much time spent
on admin?

Cut out the paperwork and embrace the benefits of One.site. Help visitors, contractors and staff get to where they need faster while keeping your workplace safe, compliant and productive.

Remote Inductions

So your team can start working from day one

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Site Reporting

Keep your most important files digitally secure

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Site Access Management

Faster signing in with facial recognition

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Let One.site take admin off your mind

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All features for all requirements

One.site's solutions are specially designed to ensure life on site is easier and more productive for everyone. Let us remove all your admin headaches...

Our solutions

Remote Inductions.
Done before day one.

Site Access Management. Signing in sped up.

Site Reporting.
At all levels, for all the info.

Qualification Management

Everyone's quals up-to-date.

Customer Stories

Find out how One.site has already helped construction companies throughout the UK streamline their business processes.

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One.site helps Cala re-induct their entire workforce

Cala Homes uses One.site to re-induct their entire workforce quickly following the re-opening of all their sites.

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We keep on top of all the latest trends from both the construction and tech industry to help you improve your workforce management. Here, you'll find news articles, interviews and essential resources.

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