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No strangers to hard hats - or tough problems

Having worked on construction sites for years, we have a pretty good idea of the challenges you face on a daily basis.

There are a fair share of problems on site - any of these sound familiar?

Common challenges experienced in construction

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“Keeping track of who’s on site is pretty much impossible.”
It’s not easy keeping track of everyone coming and going. Especially if you’re still using a good old-fashioned visitor book. Pen or feather quill?
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“Checking qualifications is like being back at school."
Making sure everyone has the right qualifications is easy...if you have a degree in patience. But for most people, it means manually checking every certificate, making countless copies and meticulously filing it all away.
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“Printing new notices isn’t exactly great for the planet.”
Getting a message out to your workforce is like getting a papercut. More painful than it looks. Writing and designing posters. Printing, distributing and praying people put them up. It takes time and it's out of your control.
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“Rifling through paper files in an emergency… not ideal.”
When someone has an accident, you need their medical record and emergency contacts fast. So what if they're in an office on the other side of the site? Sure hope Bolt's on shift.
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“Inductions take so long, it’s almost time to go home.”
Inductions are important, but do they have to eat up so much time? People turn up at different points in the day - they all need inducting. Every site does it differently - so you never know who's seen what.
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