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No strangers to hard hats - or tough problems

Having worked on construction sites for years through our sister company UK Connect, we have a pretty good idea of the challenges you face on a daily basis.

We've already helped Bewley Homes and Cala Group, to name just two, speed up a number of outdated processes but many common issues affect all sites. Do any of the below sound familiar?

Common challenges experienced in construction

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“I can't keep track of everyone who is currently on site”'s automated process makes it easy to see who's on site at any given time, making your plans easier to implement.
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“I need to ensure everyone is qualified for the job"
Forget about manually checking every certificate, making copies and filing them away. keeps your team's qualifications in one digitally secure space.
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“I need to get an important message out across the site - fast”
No more writing, designing, printing, distributing and putting posters up. Our digital signage solutions help you get your message out to everyone faster.
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“Rifling through paper files in an emergency… not ideal”
When someone has an accident, you need to access their medical record and emergency contacts fast. ensures all of their key details are to hand straight away.
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“Our inductions are taking too long”
With's remote inductions, your team can be done before day one, meaning they can get to work the moment they step on site.
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