About Us

About Us

How did One.site come about?

It started with our sister company, UK Connect.

Having spent the best part of a decade installing broadband on construction sites, we’d done our fair share of inductions and knew how slow this process could be, costing both time and money.

We decided to make it better with One.site.

Then the pandemic hit...

Covid-19 changed the way construction sites needed to be run. Health & Safety was everything. We acted fast and relaunched with four new tools:

  • Covid Test Tracking
  • Remote Inductions
  • Digital Signage
  • Facial Recognition

Making things contactless and digital got people back on site - and the UK building again. Faster than anyone thought was possible.


Hours saved per week

for every site you implement One.site on.

Room for more tools

Above everything else, One.site is a digital workforce management solution that replaces outdated processes. If there’s a new tool you need, or there’s a problem you need fixing, we want to hear about it.

Safety First

Every year, we put One.site through its paces to make sure it’s solid, safe and secure. We take great pride in how it helps keep your workforce running and adhering to Health and Safety standards.

Still have questions?

Have a question? Talk to us today...