Site Reporting

The solution

How can you tell if your site’s running smoothly? Easy, this tool tells you.

Our Site Reporting tool creates man-hour reports in seconds. So you spend less time fiddling with spreadsheets. More time deciding which areas to improve. Win win.

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We do the admin so you can do the thinking

Our reporting gives you a birds eye view over all your sites, as well as the in depth detail you need to make decisions about specific sites.

Choose multiple sites to run reports on

Filter by time, date, region, sites and trades

Download as an easy-to-use CSV file

On the horizon - bespoke reports and data visualisations


Using the App is so quick, simple and easy. It’s very good at seeing who has and hasn’t signed in.


Let take admin off your mind

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Tools outside the box

On top of your digital tools, we also give you different ways of thinking about admin. Here’s a selection of resources we’ve created to get you thinking.

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