Site Access Management

The solution

How do you speed up sign-ins? You don’t. We do.

Our Site Access Management tool gives people 3 fast ways to sign in. Some are contactless. All are easy. All save time.

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Fast-track onto site

We know how valuable time is on site, that’s why we’ve developed three ways to get on site in lightning speed. And if that’s not quick enough, you can even sign people in for them. Handy for visitors.

Search by name at the kiosk

Scan the QR code to skip the queues

Use facial recognition (more on that below)

Yes. And no, we’re not living in the future. You really can sign in with just your mug.

" puts the onus on the individual to manage signing in and out on a daily basis. It’s fantastic!


Let take admin off your mind

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More tools in action...

Facial Recognition

Cruise in and out like something out of Hollywood.

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Covid Test Tracking

Safer sites for everyone, easily set up.

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Digital Signage

Push messages out fast, without all the faff.

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Tools outside the box

On top of your digital tools, we also give you different ways of thinking about admin. Here’s a selection of resources we’ve created to get you thinking.

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