5 things you need to know about Connected Construction

Mitchell Smith
Jul 4, 2023

5 thing you need to know about Connected Construction

With such an emphasis on the physical aspect of construction, it's easy to forget all the planning and behind-the-scenes work that lays the foundation for any site. From a local housing development to the Burj Khalifa, every building has an enormity of admin behind it. There's so much more to any construction project than just raw materials and manpower alone.


The admin side of construction can be extensive and overwhelming; qualifications need to be in order, health and safety checks are paramount, and the paperwork is never-ending. So how exactly does a construction company lay its best foundation for accuracy and efficiency on any site? Through Connected Construction, of course.


Connected Construction is essentially the system that links each aspect of a construction project and helps it run harmoniously. With so many moving parts, there is little to no room for error, this is why so many construction companies are turning digital to ensure a connected build site.


Here are the 5 Must Know Benefits of Connected Construction:


1. Reduced rate of human error:

Going digital also means going paperless (we love to mention how much paper we can save you!), a reduction in physical paperwork means a reduction in misplaced files, a safe place for employee records, and an all-round improvement for information security. Boss your admin with One.site’s digital toolbox by moving checklists and progress trackers online and having one central platform in which to access them, giving visibility on who has made updates improved accuracy and accountability.


2. Improved site safety admin:

Having a digital hub for a work site allows for optimal safety on the job. Online inductions and training are readily available for workers to access in their own time, both on and off site, allowing for more flexibility. Worker qualifications are easily found to ensure they're up to date and fit for the job, as well as reminders automatically being sent for when training needs to be renewed. Routine safety checks can be carried out digitally with alerts being sent out when due. Imagine everyone turning up on day one, they’re set up, quals-checked and ready to go. How refreshing!


3. Optimal Communication:

Communication channels are streamlined through Connected Construction. Direct channels allow on and off site workers to communicate on one secure platform, whether it is to send a direct or group message or provide feedback on on-site tasks and progress. Other indirect communications slimline otherwise arduous processes such as vehicles can be tracked and located, and the number of workers on site can be monitored remotely.


4. Keeping on track:

Budgetary issues and time constraints are commonplace on any construction site. A Connected Construction platform creates a centralised space for any related information on budgets and deadlines to be readily available to all stakeholders. This level of visibility and insight will ensure that issues are addressed as soon as possible, with minimal impact being made to the project.


4. Quality of life:

Finally, your general day-to-day tasks on the job can often be the biggest headache of all. Connected Construction platforms help alleviate the pressure of even the smallest tasks, from sending out bulletins to all on-site screens through one digital signage system, to coordinating site inductions. In-person inductions take on average, 40 minutes per employee, imagine the time you can save with a self-service, digital induction.


For more information on Connected Construction and how One.site’s Workforce Management tools could help you, get in contact or book a demo with us.



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