Connected Construction in Action with Cala

Mitchell Smith
Jul 4, 2023

Connected Construction in Action with Cala

Digitisation is advancing the constrution industry to the next level and helping optimise sites like never before, but how does this look in practice? Below we've featured an example of one of our clients who are reaping the benefits of going digital.

Cala Group:

Cala Group is a major housebuilder operating across Scotland, the Midlands and South East England. We have helped them upskill quickly through digitisation and given them full visibility of operatives on site. The Cala Group recently came to us having had a need to re-induct its entire site team and to manage operatives across multiple sites after updating the guidance on their ways of working.

One of the main challenges they faced was knowing how to induct an entire site workforce in a timely manner. With around 80 sites operational at any time, new safety measures and thousands of workers across the county, it would have been a huge undertaking to complete inductions in a traditional face-to-face environment. Inductions needed to move online, quickly, and be tracked by management teams.

The best solution for Cala, with the support of the team, was to build their inductions on the app and roll it out across all sites. All invited people were able to log in to the cloud based app and watch the induction video and answer a series of questions. Cala then had full visibility at a site and group level of who had completed their induction and when. x Cala in numbers:

- 15,548 Operatives on

- 30,635 Inductions completed

- 86 Live Cala Group sites

- 524 Cala staff using

Their next hurdle to overcome was the lack of immediate site visibility. Cala Group operates at a number of sites all year round and for health and safety reasons, it's imperative that they have an accurate record of who is on their site, and what time they were there. However their existing sign-in system was reliant on large quantities of paperwork, a practice which often results in admin errors, loss of information and long winded sign-in processes.

Our solution was to provide Cala with a digitised sign-in process. Now operatives simply have to type in their name at the entrance kiosk, or use their phone to scan one of the QR codes placed around the site, to quickly sign in themselves and visitors with ease.  and quickly sign in visitors too. The Cala dashboards are then updated instantly, allowing them to see who is actively onsite and how long for. This information is held securely and ready to be exported as they wish. x Cala in numbers:

- 30, 635 inductions completed

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