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Ryan Barham
Jul 4, 2023

Taking the stress away from the admin of inductions

Construction site inductions are a legal requirement that provide site teams and visitors with all the essential information on a specific site’s health and safety arrangements. They offer an introduction to a new workplace with details on where to find things, the key site team members and who they should report to. We’re sure you’ll agree this is all essential stuff but onsite inductions can also be incredibly time-consuming and costly – with the average taking up approximately 40 minutes of the site management team’s valuable time.

Along with checklists, forms, procedures and qualification checks, inductions can cause a number of admin-based headaches but what’s the solution?, of course. We are here to take the stress and frustrations away by helping you get your team fully inducted and ready to start working the moment they arrive on site. How do we do that? By using our quick and easy remote induction feature.

Every worker needs to be inducted. We’ve already mentioned it but it’s worth reiterating as you don’t want to get into any kind of legal trouble. Inductions can cover many topics including PPE, site restrictions, traffic management, pedestrian routes, fire policies, emergency arrangements, First Aid, incident management and responsibilities and all of this can cause a number of issues that can easily be avoided with a remote-first approach.

From finding someone to host the induction to ticking off the list of attendees and making sure everyone has signed the relevant physical documents and contracts, there are so many potential issues with traditional inductions that could affect the start time of your build or cause you headaches when it comes to making full and efficient use of your resource. There’s also the potential issue of ensuring everyone in the induction has the right qualifications – an age-old problem that can be resolved with digital profiles of everyone who will be working for you. We have that covered, too, as all operatives can upload their qualifications so that the site manager can easily see them. We are a CSCS I.T. partner and have an API into their card checker, meaning all qualifications are available in one convenient place. No more using multiple systems!

Our Remote Induction solution is designed so your site team members can go through the process before even setting foot on site. With your help and guidance, it explains all the relevant health and safety information in clear and understandable language, informing the workers and visitors of their personal responsibilities and requirements while also explaining all the relevant Health and Safety information needed to enter, work and be on site safely. provides an easy way of ensuring everyone on site is fully qualified and aware of the risks posed by your site; it’s also easy to update so it can keep up with the demands of any consistently changing site. Our online form captures all the essential details so that you can find an operative’s details at the touch of a button. There’ll be no more need for manual checks!

Cala Group quickly inducted 15,548 operatives across 84 sites across the UK entirely remotely using (find out more in our Customer Story)… Why not follow their lead? is a revolutionary way to manage your workforce. Save time, money and speed up your processes via digital workforce management solutions.



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