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Ryan Barham
Jul 4, 2023

Keeping everyone on site safe with

Knowing exactly who is on site and what qualifications they hold is essential to any construction manager, but how can help you keep up with the all-important health and safety standards?

The answer is that by digitalising key information, we expedite key working methods and just generally make things easier. Accessing your workforce’s health and safety records and ensuring everyone has the right qualifications to handle dangerous equipment - especially when there are potentially hundreds or thousands of workers on different sites at the same time - is a tough task when all the documents are held physically.

Files can go missing or be incomplete, handwriting can be hard to decipher and phone numbers can be out of date. With, all of these details are digitally available – and easily editable – at the touch of a button. When you experience an emergency, you’ll be able to find out who to call right away. Our Remote Inductions also help get people on site quicker, armed with the knowledge of the potential hazards that exist on site.

Bewley Homes highlighted how our remote inductions have helped make checking in and out easier, saving hundreds of man hours every year, ultimately helping the workforce enjoy a better work-life balance. Happier workers are more productive, more careful and ready for everything the day throws at them.

We’ve always put safety first. When was launched, we had great success with our Covid Test Tracking solutions. As people returned to work with social distancing measures in place, we were able to provide a place where test results could be recorded along with expiry dates and histories.

With this extra time, you will have more time to offer day-to-day support and put safeguards in place. Our Digital Signage also helps you share important health and safety notices to every corner of your site - instantly. is a revolutionary way to manage your workforce.Save time, money and speed up your admin processes via digital workforce management solutions.



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