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Mitchell Smith
Jul 4, 2023

An Interview with Bewley Homes Health, Safety and Environmental Manager

Matt Jenkins is the Health, Safety and Environmental Manager at Bewley Homes.  Bewley Homes have been building Homes across South East England for 30 years and the safety of their workforce remains a top priority for them.  We recently sat down with Matt to talk about how has digitised their construction sites and provided huge productivity benefits for their site managers.

What has been one of your biggest challenges in getting your work force inducted?

We found we had lots of inductions being undertaken at different sites when operatives move from site to site.  This can take up to a few hours of our site managers time every week from delivering the induction, taking copies of qualifications and filling in forms..  As well as the time taken there were inconsistencies with the inductions being delivered.


How has helped overcome this challenge? allows us to deliver a consistent message across the business.  The system is incredibly efficient,  inducting the workforce before they arrive onsite saves at least three hours of our site managers time each week because the ownership for this is now on the operatives to do before they get to site.


How have your site teams adapted to using

The team have found the system very straight forward to use and onboard new contractors and operatives.  The customer success team have been on hand throughout onboarding and beyond.  From initial setup with all our sites and data entry through to visiting our sites and getting site managers using the application to its full potential – it’s been a seamless onboarding experience.


What are the top three benefits to using

Efficiency –our site managers have gained 2/3 hours back weekly.

Consistency– all contractors and operatives are now having the same induction.

Growth – the system is constantly bringing new features which will improve operations onsite.


What other benefits has provided for your business?

As a business we like to record the number of manhours worked on site, especially when it comes to timing between RIDDOR incidents.  By using to track the workforce onsite and how long they spend working we now have access to accurate reporting data.  This has also given us a much clearer indication of performance on sites and how long it takes us to complete sites.


Is there anything else you want to share?

The best thing to do is get in touch with and you’ll very quickly see how simple and efficient the system is and I’m sure you’ll want to roll it out across your sites.

 In discussion with Matt he has highlighted the efficiencies has given Bewley Homes by adopting remote inductions and sign in solutions.  Do you want to bring operational efficiencies to your site teams?

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