Site Managers just manage the build, don’t they?

PJ Farr
Jul 4, 2023

The job of a site manager isn't just managing the build

Site Managers, also referred to as Building Managers or Construction Managers, are primarily responsible for the running of a construction site. However, delve a little deeper and it’s clear a Site Manager takes on a cross departmental role when considering quality control, monitoring costs, problem solving, hiring subcontractors, motivating the workforce, purchasing materials and using specialist project management computer programmes, to name a few responsibilities.  

Yet above all of these responsibilities sits something that absolutely cannot be compromised – health and safety. Site Managers are responsible for ensuring that every operative on site is properly inducted. This includes ensuring operatives understand all health and safety rules of the site as well as gathering emergency contact details, and health and accessibility requirements for each operative. It’s another task to then log all of this information and ensure it’s easily accessible when it's needed, particularly in an emergency.

Not enough hours in the day  

The average Site Manager probably feels there isn’t enough hours in the day. They’re certainly not wrong when thinking about how manual a lot of these processes are. Typically, the construction industry has been slow to catch up with the digital revolution and inductions on site involve a lot of paperwork to create that all important audit trail.  

Site Managers are overworked, they’ve got a lot to deal with. Corners may be cut when doing inductions because they quite simply do not have enough time. This can, unfortunately, lead to inconsistencies between operatives that are inducted. The hard truth is that this will result in injuries on site, and the responsibility falls on the Site Manager.  

The right tools can transform your job  

At, we believe it doesn’t have to be this way, and with the right tools anything can be possible – even increasing the amount of hours in your day.  

Forget lengthy, on site inductions. Forget rifling through paper files in an emergency. is your automated health and safety app. Remote inductions are completed prior to arrival, and are consistent across the workforce. The induction status of each operative is recorded on their online profile, and is visible on your dashboard for the entire site. Need emergency contact details? Just look on the app. Sounds useful, doesn’t it?  

Put it this way, if someone is on site, you know they’ve been inducted. really is your digital toolbox that helps you boss your job, in just a few taps.  

Health and safety shouldn’t be compromised, and with the right tools it doesn’t have to be time consuming. Book a demo today.  



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