The cost savings of going digital

Ryan Barham
Jul 4, 2023

Looking to save money? Going digital has so many benefits...

Everyone knows how expensive it is to run a construction company as there are so many elements to consider – from equipment procurement and running costs to resource management and all that admin. helps keep the cost down by digitising a number of manual procedures and freeing up your team to focus on the things that really matter e.g. getting a build completed on time so you can sell houses quicker.

Digital Workforce Management tools are here to stay and is leading the way. By using our app, you can keep track of who is on site and ensure you always have the right number of workers assigned to any specific task. You can say goodbye to paying oversubscribed teams or facing delays due to not enough workers being assigned to any job and easily keep on track of their productivity.

Time is money – especially when faced with a looming deadline – and another benefit of using is if you need to get a message around quickly, you’ll no longer have to worry about printing and production costs (or delays). With digital displays, getting messages, posters and videos out there and shared on all the connected devices around your site is just a few clicks away. That team member who has the unenviable task of putting up all the posters in every corner of the site? You can now pay them to do something much more productive.

One of the main benefits – and not just because of the money it will save you – of is our remote induction solution. Ensuring everyone is ready to start working the moment they step on site, it will help you keep on top of Health & Safety compliance and let your team do their own digital onboarding in advance. No more spending time and money presenting the same induction to different team members as they arrive on site.

Save money and speed up your processes by booking your demo of today. is a revolutionary way to manage your workforce. Save time, money and speed up your processes via digital workforce management solutions.


Digitising your workforce management and having the chance for your contractors to start the moment they arrive on site – cutting the cost of inductions – is a no-brainer in the current climate.


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