The Journey So Far

Mitchell Smith
Jul 4, 2023
mins - The Launch Journey

The right tools can make life easier. Yet the construction industry has been slow to adopt digital tools and automated processes, at the expense of increased productivity and efficiency, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Take your typical on site paper sign in process. This only really meets the minimum standards set for on site sign in, but even then that’s only if it’s done correctly, for every single operative. What happens when paper goes missing? Hand writing is illegible? You lose your audit trail and your induction data? At we know what happens, which is why the app was developed – to make the sign in and induction process a breeze.

Transforming the Process

This process needed to be transformed into something streamlined, simple and automated, like creating a digital toolbox to speed up life on the construction site. With this in mind, and working with Kyan, an agency who specialise in transforming business through technology, the app prototype was created. Throughout the evolution stage, learning whilst in development was key. The prototype was scrutinised by those who it was designed for – site operatives. With this authentic insight, and by honing in on’s core purpose – making life easier – this feedback was developed into meaningful changes.

Not before long, and in collaboration with housebuilder Bewley Homes, the sign in and remote induction feature was ready to be tested in a construction environment – exactly where it belongs. Bewley Homes place a huge emphasis on exceptional build quality, owing to plenty of highly skilled contractors and operatives on site at one time. The app was truly about to be put through its paces, starting on a development in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Making Life Easier

Shortly after the app went live, the Covid-19 pandemic hit. The world changed and so did the way construction sites operate. This had a huge impact on how inductions had to be completed, with the Construction Leadership Council implementing new guidelines on completing inductions outside, enforcing social distancing and ensuring construction sites followed covid secure practises.

For the typical construction site left behind in the digital age, this was probably a daunting experience. Yet perfectly solved those challenges.

Remote inductions through the app helped to enforce social distancing, and a newly launched Covid-19 induction feature allowed the Site Manager to re-induct the entire workforce through one centralised platform, effortlessly. They reaped the benefit of being able to ensure all site operatives had been inducted with a comprehensive overview in the palm of their hands.  

What’s more, the use of a QR code to sign in superseded the paper sign in process, helping to eliminate shared touch points and streamlining the process. This also meant no more illegible handwriting and lost data, providing a complete overview of who had signed in, and who was on site at any given moment. This goes far beyond the minimum standards set for signing in on site, and was crucial for when contact tracing was required by law. Sounds handy, doesn’t it?

The Digital Toolbox That Keeps On Giving

The right tools really can make life easier. It’s now time to put these tools into the hands of those who need it. This is why over 20,000 site workers have been inducted through, and hundreds of operatives  sign in, hassle free.

Since the pandemic changed the construction industry, the app has introduced a range of features such as Covid-19 test tracking, CSCS Card Integration and facial recognition. It really is the toolbox that keeps on giving.

With the right tools anything is possible.


Using the App is so quick, simple and easy. It’s very good at seeing who has and hasn’t signed in.


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“I need to ensure everyone is qualified for the job"

Forget about manually checking every certificate, making copies and filing them away. keeps your team's qualifications in one digitally secure space.

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