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Ryan Barham
Jul 4, 2023

What happens when I sign up to

Interested in but want to know more about our digital workforce management tools before taking the plunge? We’ll talk you through our demo and onboarding process.

How do I book a demo?

Booking a free demo with couldn’t be easier. Simply book a time that works for you through our website or contact and we will be in touch.

Our demo is all about us getting to know you and understanding the challenges unique to your company, so we can tailor our demo to show you the tools which will make the most impact. We’re fully focused on resolving issues rather than selling the product and if you like what you see, we will quickly integrate on to your site for a free four-week trial. This gives you the chance to see the value of the app in the real world.

What happens after the trial?

If you’re happy with how the trial went – and we have a 100% success rate of companies taking up after completing their four weeks – our Customer Success Team will once again be on hand to help with your onboarding. They will arrange a preliminary call to introduce themselves, get to know you and confirm exactly what you’re looking for from

What’s the first stage of onboarding?

During this initial call, our Customer Success Team will let you know about a welcome email with an onboarding form that will soon be winging its way to you. This form captures all the data we need to build out your account on the app. Once complete, we’ll fill in the remaining company details (although you can do this yourself, if you prefer… We’re just not sure you have the time!) and set up initial inductions.

What happens in the second stage of onboarding?

After we’ve built out the app, your Customer Success Executive will present a webinar to the Regional Managers and then a similar webinar to Site Managers – although each session will be tailored to the different ways both sets of managers will be using These sessions will show you how to access and navigate and its dashboard, review records and create reports based on your specific needs.

And the final onboarding stage?

Following these webinar inductions, you will be free to use to its full potential. Everything will be set up and working following the trial and we’ll continue to provide you with a dedicated and personal service. We’ll regularly check in to see how things are going and make a promise that there will always be a person on the other end of the line to help with any issues.

We’re more than happy to come onto your site at any time to ensure you’re making the most of

What now?

Don’t delay, revolutionise your workforce management by booking a demo of today. is a revolutionary way to manage your workforce. Save time, money and speed up your admin processes via digital workforce management solutions.



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