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Ryan Barham
Jul 4, 2023

A revolutionary way to manage your workforce

You’ve found yourself on’s website but are you also asking yourself “what is workforce management?” Quite simply, it’s so important to keep track of your employees and we’ve designed to help take the admin stresses out of your day-to-day life.

Here, we reveal our Top Five reasons why you should make use of digital workforce planning tool...

  1. Our digital sign-in system

Fed up of keeping logbooks that take up valuable space and time, not to mention the untold stresses of deciphering others’ handwriting? Our facial recognition software orQR code sign in make starting the day a doddle for everyone who arrives on site.

  1. Remote inductions and site reporting

Ensure everyone on site knows all the essential information the moment they arrive. Ask new starters to complete an induction before they start so they can get to work straight away.

  1. Save time and money on printing

You don’t need us to tell you how important it is to look out for the environment so why not save some trees and start using digital displays feature A great way to get an announcement, poster or video message – or the latest weather forecast – out to everyone fast, digital signs also save on design, production and printing costs.

  1. Always know who is working right now

Want to see who’s working at the touch of a button? We’ve got you covered, plus you can look up every operative’s profile to keep track of their medical history and qualifications etc. Much needed if you are facing a Health and Safety emergency.

  1. First-class Customer Service

Our friendly and talented team are always on hand to help you make the most of every single feature. Whether you want to set something up, take advantage of an exciting new feature or just have a chat, they’ll be happy to help. is a revolutionary way to manage your workforce. Save time, money and speed up your processes via digital workforce management solutions.



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