3 steps to building a smarter, digitised construction business

Mitchell Smith
Jul 4, 2023

3 steps to building a smarter, digitised construction business

Since the start of the covid-19 pandemic, the construction industry has had to find ways to adapt to continue working, which has led to a need for a digital revolution in the workspace. 

Despite this need to digitise, the construction industry is still trailing behind other major sectors, coming second to last in the U.S. and last place within Europe in terms of digitisation. When looking on a global scale, construction has averaged only 1% growth per year in labour-productivity, over the past 20 years. This is compared to a global economy average of 2.8% per year.

So, what exactly is causing such a slow adoption rate when it comes to digitisation? Despite the many benefits of digitisation and connected construction, One.site recognises that one size does not fit all, and a personalised approach needs to be taken when making the switch, here are our top tips to walk you through how best to evaluate what digital can do for you:

1. Know your needs:

It's important to figure out what your company needs before trying to digitise for the sake of it. Construction is relatively unique, as very few projects are the same. When you encounter different roadblocks on each site, it can be hard to pinpoint where your needs lie, so it’s important to note which issues remain consistent and how they can be tackled through the help of digitisation. For example, a persistent issue on many construction sites are inductions for newcomers to the site, they can be time consuming, require in-person supervision and extra admin. By introducing One.site’s online inductions, time is saved all round, any inductions or training can be completed remotely, no extra workforce is needed to carry out the task and it can then be logged as completed before visiting the site.

2. Reskill, upskill and restructure:

A huge barrier for digitalisation can be human resistance, the process of integrating digital into aspects of a business doesn't just mean upgrading your technology, it means upskilling your workers and often restructuring your current setup. Whilst the initial process may seem overwhelming to some, the benefits of increased productivity and decrease in human error will be more than worth the wait. Sound scary – check out our blog Breaking Down Resistance to Change for more great tips. 

3. Expand your vision:

Once you've completed a few projects and have become more comfortable with your newly digitised way of working, you can then start to take your learnings and really make digital work for you. With cost and delivery time data so readily available, you'll be able to forecast future projects much more accurately and increase your profit margins as a result. Even having a multi-site view of different materials and resources available can optimise project timings if site requirements change. The possibilities for growth are endless and with a centralised point of reference for each project, you’ll create a whole new depth of learning for your business.

For more on how we can help you digitise your sites, feel free to contact us or book a demo.



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